• spellLightning Bolt 1 manaDeal 3 damage. Overload: (1)
  • spellRockbiter Weapon 1 manaGive a friendly character +3 Attack this turn.
  • spellAncestral Spirit 2 manaChoose a minion. When that minion is destroyed, return it to the battlefield.
  • minionLeper Gnome 1 mana2 attack 1 healthDeathrattle: Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero.
  • minionYouthful Brewmaster 2 mana3 attack 2 healthBattlecry: Return a friendly minion from the battlefield to your hand.
  • minionStormwind Knight 4 mana2 attack 5 healthCharge
  • minionWindspeaker 4 mana3 attack 3 healthBattlecry: Give a friendly minion Windfury.
  • minionArgent Commander 6 mana4 attack 2 healthCharge. Divine Shield
Totem wrath This game against a priest was a struggle, and the priest has through aggressive play almost burned you down to 0 hp. Last round you decided to put down a sylvanas, thinking you might've finally secured the game.

The priest decided to put out his ragnaros while your sylvanas was on board, perhaps to get a big taunter up against you with the sunfury protector, fearing for you having lethal. Turns out his ragnaros hit your sylvanas, netting you an auchenai soulpriest.

Can you find a way to win this game on this round so you don't lose?
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superbatt on 29. April 2015.
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superbatt on 29. April 2015. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaareply
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