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What Do You Think This Will Do To MTG?



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What Do You Think This Will Do To MTG?

Blizzard even stated that they are just making an online version of MTG in the hearthstone intro video. My question is will this hurt or help MTG? Will it take old school players of MTG and make them quit? Or will it draw in new players to hearthstone and ultimately make them move onto playing MTG? Thoughts?


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Re: What Do You Think This Will Do To MTG?

I think that Hearthstone will bring more people into the whole TCG realm. Even those who never thought of playing trading card games were drawn to check out Hearthstone on release. It's looks simple, "easy to learn but hard to master". Many people don't have the time to learn all the rules for more complicated games so Hearthstone looks like a perfect "entry level" game.


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Re: What Do You Think This Will Do To MTG?

I wish there was more to it. Right now its pretty basic but I assume that later on with more blocks there will be combo cards and the complexity will go up. It so far seems a bit too RNG. For example I had fatal on board next turn and the other guy used Thought steal and a 1:24 chance rips the single card card out of my deck and saves him.

That said tho, it will do nothing to MTG but maybe push more people into playing it. MTG is too solid of a game and has been around far too long for some random basic TCG to kill it. MTG players will check it out and maybe stay or maybe not. Either way there is no downside to either or. They are separate games really.

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