Cards: 30 cards
Rarity: 8 rare4 epic2 legendary
Card type: 22 minions8 spells
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  • spellPower Overwhelming 1 manaGive a friendly minion +4/+4 until the end of turn. Then, it dies. Horribly.x2
  • spellSoulfire 1 manaDeal 4 damage. Discard a random card.x2
  • spellCorruption 1 manaChoose an enemy minion. At the start of your turn, destroy it.x2
  • minionFlame Imp 1 mana3 attack 2 healthBattlecry: Deal 3 damage to your hero.x2
  • minionFaerie Dragon 2 mana3 attack 2 healthCan't be targeted by Spells or Hero Powers.x2
  • minionLoot Hoarder 2 mana2 attack 1 healthDeathrattle: Draw a card.x2
  • minionNovice Engineer 2 mana1 attack 1 healthBattlecry: Draw a card.x2
  • minionSuccubus 2 mana4 attack 3 healthBattlecry: Discard a random card.x2
  • minionVoid Terror 3 mana3 attack 3 healthBattlecry: Destroy the minions on either side of this minion and gain their Attack and Healthx2
  • minionAlarm-o-Bot 3 mana0 attack 3 healthAt the start of your turn, swap this minion with a random one in your hand.x2
  • spellShadowflame 4 manaDestroy a friendly minion and deal its Attack damage to all enemy minions.x2
  • minionFaceless Manipulator 5 mana3 attack 3 healthBattlecry: Choose a minion and become a copy of it.x2
  • minionDoomguard 5 mana5 attack 7 healthCharge. Battlecry: Discard two random cards.x2
  • minionLord Jaraxxus 9 mana3 attack 15 healthBattlecry: Destroy your hero and replace him with Lord Jaraxxus.x1
  • minionDeathwing 10 mana12 attack 12 healthBattlecry: Destroy all other minions and discard your hand.x1
  • minionMolten Giant 20 mana8 attack 8 healthCosts (1) less for each damage your hero has taken.x2


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